are not even close to enough

48rails 2013 is over, it was tiring and amazing.

We love to organize an event that is all about you – the developers – and you never disappoint us with your creativity, craft, and extremely good company. We just wanted to say thanks for joining and supporting one of the few non-commercial hackathons left.

See you next year, hackers! \m/

Andrea, Andrea, Diego, Michele

Dark green48rails

A unique kind of hackathon

The RailsRumble is the true, unavoidable hacking appointment for every respectable Rails developer all around the world.

On this occasion, 48rails gathers the cream of the italian Ruby and Rails community — whom we call the “ninjas” — in the very same place, fulfilling all their practical needs so that they can focus on hacking for 48 hours straight

19–20 October
via Belzoni 146, Padua

  • Team working place, AC and wifi
  • Bedrooms
  • Food, including sushi
  • Drinks, including craft beer
  • Snacks (mostly healthy)
  • Caffeine, in every liquid form
  • Metrics-based prizes (no faulty jury)

Our teams

We're almost ready to hack with some very fine folks, split in 8 awesome teams.

Ninjas from all over the country are warming up, stretching their fingers and getting ready to drink insane amounts of caffeine.

They're going to compete on creativity, execution and… (check back soon to see what's in store for them!)

Were you one of them? Let everybody know you've fought! Add this script to your website:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.48rails.it/ javascripts/ninjize.js"> </script>

(See it in action on  fruktarbo.com)


Fight for the glory, win prizes

You're going to fight for the glory, but wouldn't like to miss our incredibly geeky prizes.

We got the Pebble smartwatch and the Leap Motion controller just to mention two, and we're adding more as the clock ticks (tweet your suggestions to 48rails!)

There will be prizes for every participant. Because we like you, that's why.



Juries are faulty! We only let beautiful math assign prizes at 48rails. We have 4 team metrics and 2 solo metrics. Prizes will be granted to:

  • the team with the highest overall score (1st Prize)
  • the first ranked teams in each team metric
  • the first ranked solo in each solo metric


We are giving prizes to the best teams based on the quality of their work…

Load Constancy

Teams are going to produce a big volume of code in a very short amount of time, but this is not a good excuse to indulge in bad programming habits. We expect an almost constant flow of work during the whole length of the hackathon (commit soon, commit often).


Teams are small (1 to 4 people), so every member needs to earn its place. More, time is wasted whenever more than one work on the same single piece of the software. We expect an equal work distribution, and a clear separation of responsibilities.


… on how much influent they are on the social networks…


What teams are working on would be worthless if nobody is going to use it, so let's spread the voice aloud! We expect each team to build buzz on facebook and twitter, through the opengraph object and hashtag we assigned them.


… and to the most distinguished solos.


Devs in general are known to work a lot at night, so we are looking for the single most nightly one.


Geeks love videogames, so we planned a break at a random time for a 48 minutes OpenArena deathmatch to select the most deadly ninja.

Mattia Beta Ivan Prignano Karim Varini Ignazio Setti Andrea Collet Giuseppe Tschüß Burdo Francesco Agati Nunzio Fiore Matteo Capretto Vincenzo Acinapura Andrea Zaupa Marius Colacioiu Tommaso Grotto Marco Martini Elena Osti Jacopo Giacomin Matteo Scapin Stefano Guglielmetti Matt Eo Sante Rotondi Marco Borromeo Davide Dattoli Fabrizio Ventola Nicola Racco Stefano Franzin Barbara K Capaccioli Duilio Ruggiero Luciano Melotti Paolo Foletto Nicola Guru Galdiolo Giovanni Intini Michele Gobbi Marcello Barnaba Cosimo Ranieri Nicola Junior Vitto Giovanni Cappellotto William Bergamo Claudio Floreani Nicola Bortignon Vanessa Di Cognome Fere Alessandro Costa Giacomo Saccardo Stefano Bellasio Lucia Schiavon Andrea Reginato Andrea Forni Andrea Franz Matteo Zobbi Diego Franciosi Matteo Collina Giuseppe Cortese David N. Welton Filippo De Pretto Antonio Passamani Giorgia Marenda Enrico Pilotto Andrea Briguglio Davide Barison Stefano Ceschi Berrini Maurizio De Magnis Alessandro Vendruscolo Nicola Moretto Fabio Cantoni Andrea Pavoni Diego Giorgini Andrea Pigato

Ninjas are social, too

We set up a facebook group where you can meet the other Rails ninjas, and maybe find your next teammate:

Join teambuilding group

And don't forget to follow 48rails on twitter, and tweet with the hashtag



Thanking top sponsors 2012

We ♥ our sponsors

Without the help of our awesome sponsors, it would be impossible to setup an event like this.

We do our best to give them back visibility, infinite gratitude and… epicness!

In addition to the standard stuff (their logo on the website, the t-shirts, the mugs), the top sponsors of ed. 2012 got our thanks from the top of Piz Boè, 3152 m high. And this year we are going far beyond: we'll greet them

free falling from an airplane!

Awesome partners, lovely organizers

48rails is built with the help of many technical, logistic and media partners.

The hackathon is brought to you by some lovely folks from programmers in padua — you can reach us at ninja@48rails.it